Spring is the best season for trips and Czech Republic offers many beautiful areas to explore with your four-legged buddy. One of them is the South Moravia –  region of wine, friendly people and lots of interesting locations. Here are a few tips where to go in one of the most beautiful places in our country.

South Moravia is my birthplace and I always love coming back here. Not only to see family but also for the beautiful countryside, where I can go for a walk with Bojko. Therefore, me and my friends decided to take our dogs for a trip there. We chose to go there by a car, but you can go to Mikulov by  regular train connections from Prague (connections from Prague). List of hotels and guesthouses, which are helpful to accommodate dogs, is to be found in this link. After clicking on the individual links will show whether the hotel accommodates dogs. From Mikulov you can travel well to all places introduced in this article.

Mikulov – Goat tower and Holy hill


The city center is a place where regularly various cultural events are held  and on the way to Goat Tower (Kozí hrádek)  it surely will go through it. Lovers of historic buildings and monuments can certainly enjoy this route. For travel needs, there are directional signs at almost every step, so you definitely won‘t get lost :)

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Some info about Goat tower/Kozí hrádek:

This place belongs to one of the three rocky dominants of Mikulov. Following the recent landscaping the locality has become a suitable freely accessible recreational center.

Goat Castle has always been controlled the strategic path connecting Brno and Vienna, thus providing for due protection.

On top of Goat Hill was built in the 15th century two-storey artillery tower with a gallery and loopholes. Build the towers contributed to the improvement in defensive techniques Mikulov, especially the Mikulov castle (now Castle), which it has received very good defensive abilities, not only here but also in Central Europe. It has also survived the late Gothic fortification with the blade.

Goat Tower remains an extraordinary piece of architecture belonging to the core components of Mikulov building. The result of the recent changes is the transformation of the site freely accessible recreational center.

Opening time

  • if the flag appears on the top of the tower
  • other times by telephone arrangement


  • regular 20 CZK
  • children, students 10 CZK
  • children up to 6 years: free entry

Source: mikulov.cz


What definitely should not be missed when visiting Mikulov is the Holy Hill. At first glance, it looks challenging, but it can be handled by everyone! And even with a glass of wine in hand and a smile on a face, as we could see  when passing by some tourists :) And entry is free of charge.


Holy Hill is one of the most important dominant landmarks in Mikulov. The area has been declared a nature reserve in view of the extensive occurrence of rare and protected plant and animal species. A Way of the Cross will lead you to the summit of Holy Hill with its Pilgrimage Chapel of Saint Sebastian, bell tower and Holy Sepulchre.

The Way of the Cross on Holy Hill in Mikulov is one of the first places of pilgrimage in South Moravia and one of the oldest Ways of the Cross in the Czech Lands. The Way of the Cross as a whole is comprised of a total of seventeen buildings: 14 chapels on the Way of the Cross, Saint Sebastian’s Chapel, a bell tower and the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre.

Source: mikulov.cz


Where to eat:

After returning back to the city center we decided to visit a local restaurant Eat Art Gallery, which is located a short walk from the square and dogs are welcome. Banner promised tempting menu, after entering inside us, however, attracted the most gorgeous interiors and offer homemade marmalades, syrups, vinegars, pates and other delicacies. For jewelry lovers, there is also an opportunity to buy some amazing pieces. The meal we had was delicious and homemade lemonade was soo good! Therefore, I can recommend this place, prices are reasonable and the experience really great.

Pálava hill


Since we still had plenty of energy even after the trip up the Holy hill, we decided to devote the second part of the day visiting the nearby hill Pálava. If you want to go there by public transport, you can find timetables here (the site is bilingual, look for FROM: “Mikulov; district Břeclav” TO: “Pavlov; district Břeclav”).

The plan was to visit the ruins Děvičky and then walk along the ridge to the other side to local transmitter. We parked our car near the village of Pavlov at the point where the trail leads up to the crossroads (see map below). It is marked with a yellow tourist sign. In the middle of the way there are directional signs to navigate, so we went right by the green toward the ruins. The terrain is not very challenging, the hardest part is the primary ascent to the markers and then the terrain goes slightly up on the narrow road. You do not have to worry about getting lost, the routes are well marked. I would recommend you to take  water for the dogs too, on the hill there are not any  streams or ponds to be found.


There are  beautiful views of the surrounding countryside from Děvičky, especially on large dam Nové Mlýny and amazing nature. It’s a pretty busy place, so you can meet a lot of tourists and locals who like to visit this place. On the way back we went again on the green hiking trail Děvín toward the transmitter, where you can also admire a nice view of the surroundings. It was a plesant trip and our because or dogs got tired, we could happily go back home and look forward to the next day, when we planned a trip to other interesting locations.



IMG_9592One of the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic is without doubt the Lednice-Valtice area. Specifically Lednice castle and surrounding gardens are very popular locations visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. Dogs are not allowed to entry the castle and the greenhouse,, however, in the park they can be off the leash. You can also take a cruise on a small boat, which we took for a 140 CZK ride from the castle to the nearby minaret. The sail was very nice, along with commentary from the captain, while we managed to spot kingfishers who nest in the park. The entire route takes about 25 minutes. The prospect of local minaret is a thing you can not miss! Admission is 40 CZK, and after taking the 302 steps you have a wonderful view of the surroundings of this beautiful place.

On our way back through the park we walked and watched the beauty of this park, reminiscent of the historic Italian and French gardens. Aqueduct, islands, waterworks – you see it all here. While strolling through the park, keep in mind that there are coaches with horses passing by, so please have your dogs on leashes, if the do not like horses. Entrance to the park is free.

Where to eat:

Choice of restaurant is obvious – U Tlustých restaurant, which received full star rating from Zdenek Pohlreich (czech equivalent to Gordon Ramsay) – and they are awesome! Excellent menu with such good taste that you will be highly satisfied. I can only recommend them. The restaurant is located near the castle, so you do not have to go far away. Dogs are allowed in restaurant, of course, on a leash. You can also buy delicacies there – home dried meats, cheeses, pates and lots of other goodies.


Strengthened by a great lunch we went to the last stop of our trip – The temple of Apollo, which is on the road between towns Břeclav and Lednice and  and serves as an observatory. Dogs are allowen, of course :) There is free parking by the temple, admission is 25 CZK (30 CZK in the period from November to March). A pleasant surprise was stylishly dressed staff, very kind young man who was  willing to took photos with us. On the viewpoint, you can use the built-in telescope and enjoy the view of the surrounding countryside.

If you are interested in this area so much that you want to spend a longer time here, certainly do not miss visiting Janohrad, Pohansko and other beautiful locations. I believe that these will fill you with a lot of pleasant experience. Good luck on your trip!