Dog owners from Prague often ask me where I go on trips around the city, not only in centre locations. For example, if you plan only a half-day trip or an afternoon walk, I have a suggestion for you: Klánovice forest, which is located in Úvaly near Prague, to the east of the city centre.

On the trip I went with Bojko, a friend of mine and her five dogs. The journey from the city center takes about 30 minutes (25 km). Forest border is crossing between the territory of the capital city and the Central Bohemian Region – see the map. Our trip began in the street Všeňská further down a path into the woods. The terrain is very modest, no rapid ascent or descent. The whole area is about of 1030 ha, so you can really let loose the dogs. It is up to you whether you walk along local footpaths or maintained forest trails or roads. In the forest there are plenty of rest stops and benches where you can stop on your journey and have a snack. You don’t have to take a water for your dogs, there are pools, streams and rivers here encounter at every step, even in hot summer. The way we came across on the ramps and bumps for bikers, where our dogs could enjoy much fun. On our journey, we look also to the municipal police station in the middle of the forest (serving as a shelter for police dogs).

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You should take note that if you walk a  dog in the Klánovice forest location, you can reach the railway that crosses this place. Traffic on this stretch is very common, so keep your dog on a leash on the track and navigate under the tracks just-constructed crossings or subways. This avoids the risk of collision that could have bad consequences.


“Klánovice forest trail”

If you like walking and discovering interesting places at the same time, I suggest to go local nature trail that begins and ends at the railway station Praha Klánovice. The route leads along tourist signs – first along the red track, despite the gamekeeper’s lodge Štemberk up to the destroyed village Žák. At this point you can see a medieval well, along with the foundations of walls and buildings. Then follow the red mark to its intersection with the green, which is heading to a place called Dubina. You will pass through Cyrilov and along Klánovice pool to bus stop No. 7. After a turn to a small children’s playground you will return back to green mark, that takes you to the school and Nové Dvory location. The last part you will follow the blue tourist trail that leads back to the railway stop in Prague Klánovice. Total trip length is about 12.5 km. It’s a very nice walk along easy terrain, which you will enjoy with your four-legged darlings :) In all stops you will find rest areas, and in some seesaws for children or forest children’s playground. For each number there is a table explaining the history of a particular place, along with an overview map (see picture below).

   Naucna_stezkaMap of “Klánovice forest trail”

Trip to Klánovice forest can be recommended in every season. Whether you want to enjoy the snow in winter, autumn color nature spring sun or cool down in the hot summer. On hot days, the forest has also the advantage that there are small lakes and streams, where your dog can cool down and drink, so you will avoid a dehydration. In the colder months I recommend you to choose appropriate footwear when browsing paths encounter muddy stretches, between trees is holding snow and water. For owners of dogs who have a strong hunting instinct, I recommend you keeping your dog on a leash, its highly possible that you will come across local hare, deer or other animals. Walking this place will  make you perfectly calm and relaxed, do good to your body and soul and dogs great fun. Once you vist Klanovice forest, you’ll definitely come back often.