Spring is the season that I particularly like, because in this period pet fairs are held. In addition to this year’s Global Pet Expo, I was looking forward especially to the Czech equivalent – For Pets 2016. Fair website didn’t promise very exciting news in advance, but I was curious if I see something that attracts me.

For Pets 2016 announced 93 exhibitors in two halls and lots of products for immediate purchase. With comradely reinforcement and excited Bojko (every fair means treats!) I first stopped in Hall 6, where the accompanying program  and adopting exhibition of domestic animals took place, then I  went to visit Hall 3, which was the main point of my interest. And what was definitely worth seeing?



A stand full of the finest delicacies, which you can imagine. Bio and eco products of the highest quality that made Bojko so delighted that he did not want to leave the place :) Dried meats, syrups, soaps, creams or treats with the Sušienkovo seal of guarantee that you will not be disappointed. For me, the absolute kishaw. I bought Bojko  a bag of sardines and fillets, and while my dog indulged divine flavor, I was listening to a presentation of the products from a very nice service person. In addition to the aforementioned goodies were on the stand of newly introduced brands, which the company imports – Beco eco toys and stylish nooks and accessories from Cloud7.

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I’ve been looking for a rainbow dog leash since I had discovered some of them in German retailer e-shop Poochy. And so of course I was thrilled when I found out that these products finally appeared in our country. Specifically, the pieces of Slovak production retailer, Hound, which was also represented at the fair visited. Those delightful colors! Rainbow leashes, collars and cute scarves. Unfortunately, so far in the offer are neither multicolored or ombre switching leashes available, but I believe it is only a matter of time when such a thing appears in their e-shop.

TIP: If you’re crafty, you can make Ombre dog leash by DIY according to these instructions.. It’s quite simple and the cost is minimal. For a skilled person it will be easy :)



This brand I noticed already at the previous For Pets 2015, where I bought fetch toys for testing. The results amazed me and I was looking forward to see their own booth. And it was awesome, Tamer surprised me with a large range of guides, toys and a new series of collars in many colors. The distinctive emblem, as always, a unique sliding system easy long and honest treatment. A big range of products, Bojko did not know which one to pick first :) For those who didn’t make it to the fair, and are interested to buy a Tamer product, I’ve added a link to their official e-shop LoveDogs.



I was very curious to see Demeven booth, especially the newly offered handbags for walking. How do they look in real? The fact exceeded my expectations, the products are truly functional and stylish and wears comfortably. Demeven councilor Lucy was very nice and showed me their handbags along with a description of all functions. Video can be found below in the article.In addition to handbags, I also admired the beautiful collars, beds and bags for dogs that can be found in the e-shop Demeven. If you’re looking design and functionality at an affordable price and want to support domestic Czech producers, the brand is the best choice.



First fashion shop for dogs and their owners had its premiere at this year’s fair, and did it in a big stylish way. Besides luxury accessories and dogwear also introduced eco toys Beco pets and especially Lishinu dog leash which I had the opportunity to see at the previous For Pets 2015. In this case, however, it’s a Czech distribution. Especially tweed coats absolutely fascinated me, in a range of outfits for our market they are the ultimate products. Luckily Bojko doesn’t need any coats or anything similar, otherwise I would spent a fortune in Dogg’s booth :) The fashion collection was presented by two silver mascots – bullterier Igor and Eugene the bulldog, and everyone immediately found out that tweed suits to every dog.



The last place that intrigued me was the stand of Rebel Dog. Not so much because of the introduction of “new” Puller, which, however, has been selling in the world for almost 6 years (damn, so many dog products are coming to Czech republic with considerable delay), but mainly because I discovered there a bowl mat from IKEA, which has been sold out several years already and since then I’ve been desperately looking for it. Even though it was unsaleable goods, the staff was absolutely incredible, and gave me this mat free for only purchasing several pieces of treats for dogs. I would like to thank the representatives of Rebel Dog company and wish them success in their business because they do everything possible for customer satisfaction!

Finally, what did I purchased at the fair? Besides the bowl mat especially dog snacks, homemade Dogtown dry meat and Woolf biscuits from the Rebel Dog stand.


This year’s fair was a pleasant meeting place for dog lovers and other domestic pet owners, and not least the opportunity to try out some interesting products. There was not many new pet products, but nevertheless I am looking forward to next year’s event. A secretly hope in the presence of  Hurtta, Wayo, Chuckit!, Hunter, Zero DC or Westpaw (or at least a representative selling  Zogoflex series).

And how were you satisfied with the visit of For Pets 2016?



Title photo is owned by For Pets