Dogs love fetch games. And pet owners love taking pictures of their darlings. For the best pics of your dogs there were invented dog selfie ball smartphone attachments on mobile devices. In this article we will introduce you one of them.

As a true dog lover my mobile phone is full of photos of my beloved ones. It is not always easy to take pictures of my dogs, for example Bojko is not a typical model which looks into the camera lens with joy, nor naturally posing. Of course, with treats and sensitive and slow access I can achieve making pics looked the way I imagine. But why not try another option – his passion for balls? I recently discovered an interesting blooper – balls holder for dog selfie, and my heart leapt: It might be just the right thing for the perfect pictures! So I ordered two pieces to introduce you their function.

Holder works on a simple principle: plastic handle with internal springs attaches to any mobile phone or tablet, and then you can take pictures of you dog. It can be used on mobile phones up to a width of 1.2 cm, so you can use it even on phones with covers. The diameter of the ball is a standard 6.5 cm, so that means classic tennis balls, Chuckit! medium balls and others. For our purposes, we tested it on iPhone 6.

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After trying it for a couple of times, Bojko really did like taking selfie! He suddenly did not mind the smartphone, directly hypnotized the ball so nice snapshots were guaranteed. With great curiosity, I sucesfully tried this widget with other dogs, which were nearby and loved fetch games. Simply said, this thing is really great for nice pictures of your four-legged friend.


In combination with photo apps available for smartphones, you can create gorgeous images that will enrich your photo archive. Imagination has no limits, enjoy the photographs together, along with your dog, with this holder it goes well :)

The attachment can be bought on ebay for less than the equivalent of 120 CZK including postage (approx. 3.30 GBP). There is also a ball included in the package. Simply register on ebay and use a payment card or paypal. The item will arrive within three weeks. The seller is certified and you will be notified by email, when the package is shipped.