Does your dog enjoy fetch games? If yes, this is a review for you:  we have tested products from the Czech company  Tamer – resistant tug toys, which, according to the manufacturer, can withstand a lot. Are enjoyable to play? Will it last even when playing hard? Is it worth to buy them at all?

Products from Tamer impressed me already at the fair For Pets in 2015, where I bought one piece. And me and my dog had become very happy with them, therefore I purchased an additional piece in August for my doggie friends. Common tug toys usually don’t  last long, as you can see in the picture below:


Communication with the official Tamer e-shop was very pleasant and goods look very good in reality (as good as in promotional photographs). The toy is hand made from polyamide rope. The size of the bThe first impression suggests that this product can withstand a lot.


The toy was first tried by Bojko, then by other dogs in my  neighborhood: boxers Bakkara and Mokka, which pull very hard. And finally by bullterrier puppy  Mango, with its sharp teeth and destructive nature. Energy ball  Lisa (she likes destroying toys very much)  also tried the durability of this toy.


We had been testing it continuously almost every day from late August until today, regardless of the weather and the environment. Underwent hot weather, rain, mud, dust, gravel, and several times we even had to shoot it from the tree branches :) It was pulled, ripped, chewed, or at least properly salivated. It has not been tested in water only, because it doesn’t float. If it is too much dirty, it can be easily cleaned or washed in water, maintenance is simple.

It is really fun for dogs to play with Tamer tug toys:

This is how tug toy Tamer looks like after several months of stress tests. Damage is minimal, still hold its shape, and color fastness. The fibers are only a liitle bit unwound.

The game is a joy, and any fun activity with your dog contributes to a deeper mutual relationship. And with a toy that is good and pleasant, it pays double. It’s not often that the tested product gets full points, but Tamer has definitely convinced us and I personally can only recommend it. You can buy them for 184 CZK in e-shop (siteonly available in Czech). It’s a great thing that you and your dog will enjoy!